Return of The Third Man

From the first creeping, whimsical note of Anton Karas’ infamously seductive zither soundtrack, The Third Man announces itself as a quaint and curious masterpiece of British cinema. The quintessentially English narrator provides a brief vignette of post-war Vienna, delivered in a haughty and jarringly buoyant tone that will prove stranger still as we embark on … More Return of The Third Man

Review: Vertigo

Released in 1958, Vertigo was seldom hailed as Hitchcock’s greatest achievement. Yet, in the decades following, the film has climbed numerous ‘Best Film’ lists, notably the Sight and Sound poll in 2012 that crowned it the greatest of all time. While a title of that status is always dubious, it begs the question as to … More Review: Vertigo

The music or the misery? Why I will always have High Fidelity

The first thing to be said about High Fidelity is that it’s straight to the point. There’s nothing flashy in its nature, its narrative or its dialogue. It doesn’t boast great cinematography as Chicago has its work cut out for it already. There are times when it seems both conventional and not-so (A 100 minute film … More The music or the misery? Why I will always have High Fidelity

Top 10 Album Closers

1. A Day in the Life – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Although the orchestral revving that precedes the end of Pepper’s on occasion is quite nightmarish, I don’t think this really requires any reasoning, other than “Dayum, Dat E chord!” The Secret Life of Arabia – “Heroes” Often maligned amid the cold ethereal gems of Bowie’sBerlin … More Top 10 Album Closers

Review: Mac Demarco – Salad Days

 “As I’m getting older, chip over my shoulder, rolling through life to roll over and die.” Though at face value these morbid lyrics might typically come hurriedly from the lips of a musical sourpuss such as Morrissey, the breezy and unfazed manner in which they are delivered, accompanied by blissful scat singing, instead assures us that our favourite Canadian … More Review: Mac Demarco – Salad Days